Top tips for beyond the driving test in Widnes! The MOTORWAY...


Even though motorways cause a great deal of fear in those that have not experienced them or have little experience, they are in fact the safest roads to drive on in Britain.

Motorway lanes are often wide and straight, have no roundabouts or right turns. Still, many of us prefer to avoid motorways by taking the longer route. Detailed in this section is the correct procedure for joining UK motorways, driving on motorways along with the rules.


Provided are tutorials complete with diagrams and motorway road signs for safe motorway driving.


This is the part that most people dread, especially when joining a busy motorway.

Joining a motorway is essentially the same as joining a dual carriageway, which most of us have done. With practice, you will become more confident and find the process easier. The main process for joining a motorway is:

  • to assess the traffic on the motorway as early as possible from the slip road and to adjust your speed to a similar speed that they are driving.
  • signal to the right before joining to show your intention of joining. This especially allows other traffic to see you at night.
  • give priory to traffic already on the motorway. Usually traffic will slow down or move to another lane if it appears difficult for you to access the carriageway.
  • frequently look into your right mirror and over your right shoulder before joining to ensure it is safe.
  • not to drive on the hard shoulder, but once joined, stay in the left lane until you have become accustomed with the speed and conditions.

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