Refresher Driving Lessons

Want to improve your driving skills? Perhaps there are some areas of weakness you need to overcome, or perhaps there are certain roads and junctions you are avoiding due to a lack of confidence. A refresher driving course with us can help you overcome all of this and help you become a more confident safe driver.

We help a wide range of people who need a refresher driving course including:

Experienced Drivers

Those who have been driving for many years and feel that they would benefit from a refresher course to help hone their skills and iron out any bad habits.

After an accident

If you have been in a road traffic accident it can really knock your confidence, our refresher driving lessons will help build that confidence back up and help you to feel safe on the road again.

Return to Driving

Those who have not driven for a while (sometimes a number of years) and feel that some extra driving lessons will give them the confidence to get back on the road.

Nervous Drivers

If you feel nervous about being on the road, some extra driving lessons with us could really help you to relax and enjoy driving again.

Those Returning to the UK

If you have been living abroad it would be a good idea to take some refresher driving lessons, this will get you up to speed on any changes to UK driving and remove any confusion from things learnt driving abroad.